Monday, April 4, 2011

Paper Boat - Dawngi Chawngthu

A boat
A tiny paper boat
Blown by winds of destiny
This way
and that way
Sometimes high
Sometimes low
Depending on the velocity of the winds
Quiet, peaceful winds
bring on the unexpected
yet welcome moments
too good to last…
for the sometimes-happy-paper–boat
yet knowing that
rough stormy weather
Would soon show up
And as expected
Dark clouds
With darker winds
Play havoc with
the small paper boat
ready to sink…

Dawngi Chawngthu was recently invited to present her poem Motherhood at a National Women Poets' Meet hosted by the Sahitya Akademy in New Delhi. The poem was also translated into Hindi and is now available to a wider reading audience in the country. Way to go, Dawngi!

Picture: Paper Boat by Mama aka Jiksaw Lalmuanpuia

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  1. very original ... am so proud of her .... Kudos .. Keep doing us Proud...