Thursday, December 7, 2017

Fak You - Sanga Says

But before you take your head back, understand
That I am from a people
With names such as Faka and Faki
And coincidentally, you probably have guessed their gender correctly
See, in my language
Fak, spelled F A K, is a good word
It means to praise or to exalt
So fak Eliot and fak Shakespeare
And fak you too.

Now that you've learned a word in my language
Maybe I'll learn one in yours.
Maybe then the boxes that we put each other into
Will start to take the shapes of people
Starting across each other amidst the rubble
Arranging the stones,
Trying to make something beautiful
Maybe my word will replace yours and yours will replace mine
And maybe then,
The falconer will hear the falcon
And things won't fall apart so often
But until then,
From inside this box dreaming
Fak everybody.

Sanga reading his poem at the Hilltalk literary event in Aizawl on the 25th November 2017.