Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Catch the Star - Somte Ralte

Only these beating hearts
Ebb against this tranquility:
I love this moment with you
In all its naturality:
I do not feel beyond myself
This is my home.

Butterfly kisses and feathery gaze
Now break the silence:
Claim me, I am here
Lying with you vulnerably.
Nest me in this warmth
Not foreign to mine own;
As I breathe you in
Every air is my contention.

This is it: my destiny
This is my complacency:
Every heartache and broken dreams
Were leading me to you -
I should have known I was better then.
No more white leaves under my pillow
No more tossed coins across the rivers
No more wishing at the falling star:
You are with me,
This is my fairy tale.