Monday, November 19, 2012

Poems - Jesleen Lalmuanawmi

Clouds Large

Clouds large, looms larger,
You have no idea what you saved.
Larger, looms larger,
How do you tie a knot?

A bird flies out, out the barred window,
From her heart, from behind the bars,
Into the horizon, beyond the clouds
And at home, the clouds loomed larger.

You spent a day with her,
Sweet words, she hadn't heard for long,
And for that day, the clouds stopped looming,
You have no idea what you saved.


Bangalore Guesthouse

Hours, sketches and Dylan
Laces, petals, roses, vase blue.
Vase blue on woodwork.
Gone, gone to country foreign

Snow and no internet
Gone. Gone, gone to your peer group.
Tea and a life mundane.
Coffee mug, used coffee mug on wood work.

Despair, 2.51 AM, Silence.
Morose, resounding, ear splitting silence.
Sleep, let it come sleep,
Eyes closed, let it come.


Stark, dark, grey

He sits alone at his desk,
A pencil, a sheet as blank as his stares,
A stark picture in black and grey,
Alone in room grey, as he battles his longings.

She sits alone and jots down furiously
Her pain, her loneliness, her longings,
She pauses awhile and tries to muster anger,
Yet all she feels is an understanding.

She knows why the sudden departure,
She knows why the complete silence,
She knows why the snuffed out longings,
This was the only way to get it done.

The stark room in black and grey, where she stayed,
Dashes of colours added by the lyrics of songs carefully chosen
Of life, of love, of sun-filled days,
Of long talks, of kisses of yesterdays.

So the stark rooms in black and grey
Where both battled longings, their whims and fancies,
They peeked into each other`s windows into rooms grey,
And they both knew why and snuffed out longings.

Jesleen Lalmuanawmi loves life...the rain on her face...sand between her coffee and a good book. She is presently living in New Delhi with her husband and three children.