Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Zawlpala's Lament

A reworking of the old legend from Zawlpala's perspective by Lalrinmawii Khiangte

With fury directed at himself
He felt his insides bleed in agony:
This is self-annihilation.

He made a bargain over a lie in jest
Surely no man was rich enough to pay
Such an exorbitant amount for a bride.

The lie - this priceless beauty is my sister, not my wife.

The suitor delivered the goods - the price intact.

Alas, he had given his word of honour
His integrity and principle to uphold
Surely he could not take back his word.

It was death - to watch his beloved led away
To become the wife of the ardent, wealthy suitor.

He saw the betrayed look in the eyes of his wife
he heard the crying of her soul.

Pride goes before a fall; it tore him to shreds
It led him to his grave.

Such a hideous, ugly, gross mistake
Such self-loathing, such bitter remorse and guilt.


A pair of butterflies - a couple- fly in unison- happily
The aery spirits of Tualvungi and Zawlpala - lovers united after death.
And in their merry trail - follows forlornly
The spirit of the much maligned suitor Phuntiha
And the legend lives on.