Friday, April 17, 2020

Untitled - Lalnunsanga Ralte

While drowning he cries her name
She does not reply
Repeatedly, as the waters engulf him
He cries and cries
But his love does not reply
Then suddenly he smiles
For he knows he must be dreaming
For she does not reply.

The more honoured the departed
The deeper the grave
That's the way of my people
When you buried your stillborn, grandfather,
You said you could not dig so deep alone
But you placed a huge rock as a headstone
That will last a lifetime not lived
And among a different people
They struggled to understand why
You always dug so furiously
Next time I sit by your grave
I will think of all you've taken with you
To an eternal sleeping
I will bring all that is left to me still living
And I will wonder
Which one of us is dreaming.