Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Catch the Star - Somte Ralte

Only these beating hearts
Ebb against this tranquility:
I love this moment with you
In all its naturality:
I do not feel beyond myself
This is my home.

Butterfly kisses and feathery gaze
Now break the silence:
Claim me, I am here
Lying with you vulnerably.
Nest me in this warmth
Not foreign to mine own;
As I breathe you in
Every air is my contention.

This is it: my destiny
This is my complacency:
Every heartache and broken dreams
Were leading me to you -
I should have known I was better then.
No more white leaves under my pillow
No more tossed coins across the rivers
No more wishing at the falling star:
You are with me,
This is my fairy tale.


  1. "Nest me in this warmth" Love your lines Dear Somte... keep it up!!!

  2. lovely poem. haven't heard of 'white leaves under my pillow' - what does it signify? the last line sort of sums up the essence of the poem for me. if this was my poem, i'd probably title it 'my fairy tale' :)

  3. White leaves under my pillow signify the past act of leaving white leaves under the pillow at night with a belief that the leaf could help you see your future lover in your dream! This might not be a popular superstitious belief among the Mizos and it is very doubtful that many know of it and have actually practised it!

  4. As beautiful as Morning dew drops in Autumn..........