Monday, February 21, 2011

Untitled - Dawngi Chawngthu

The fading lights
Of the city of joy
Flicker in the distance

And approaching lights
Of the city of pearls
Growing brighter every second

Promise a new beginning:
Beginning of unknown
Things to come.

I embrace the beginning
Though it leaves me sad
And apprehensive

But there really is no choice
Time has come
To let go…

Let go of bits and pieces
of trivia…
Enough to fill a dustbin maybe.

A memo from a lunch
That rainy June
To let you know…I care

A ticket torn in half
From the movie
That had us in splits

A letter signed with love
Not really a love-letter…
Nevertheless, full of love.

Dark shades…now broken
Sent all the way from the old city
You remembered….

Looks across the dinner table
Winks across the room…
Blank stares…yes, that too…

Little acts of kindness
Words of care
Whispers of love

Forget the dustbin…
The abstract
Outnumber the concrete.

A decade holds a lot.


  1. "the abstract outnumbers the concrete" ----> wril triah2 eeee.... i like :)