Saturday, April 23, 2011

Poems - M. Vanlalhumi (Mahumi)

Thoughts of an Invigilator

sleepy i aint
nod off i caint
a pressure from within
and i gulp mouthfuls of air in.

is sitting so tiring
that i keep on yawning?
will scribbling and writing
make less of the yawning?

I sure do hope that it be so
'coz where i am, i have to stifle so.
round and round and round i stroll
if only i could rock and roll.


Crushed Love

you often wonder
what life has dealt you,
happiness eludes you
joy evades you
you curse life
you curse those who scorn you
damn judas, damn them all
life is like an elusive butterfly
you reach for it and it flies away.
damn love, damn life,
damn all butterflies.
you feel irrefutable love
you give irrevocable love
you dream of utopia
of walking down the aisle.
shattered, crushed, trampled
what was is no more
what used to be can no longer be
what was within reach is miles away
together is no more, you now go solo.
loneliness, solitude, emptiness
your only consolation, your companions
you hug them, you embrace them
like you'd never let go.
at times you want to have a fling
most times you want to crawl under the bed
and be a rip van winkle.
you put on a brave face
you smile while you cry inside
you always feel the pain -
the crushing squeeze in your heart.
time heals they say
but time crawls.
patience, courage - a distant dream
no silver lining anywhere.


M. Vanlalhumi, also known as Mahumi, is a school teacher as might be guessed from her light-hearted piece on the inertia brought on by exam hall duty. She is happily married with two young children. Her poem Remembrances of Dad was posted in December 2007 here.

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