Monday, July 5, 2010

Silence - Somte Ralte

Time slips away ever so slow
In the vastness of this vacuum
--- All is still.
I lie awake
Too tired to sleep:
No more anticipating
For things I thought I knew
Or things I had wanted.
The whole world has ceased
Yet I am still here -
By the sound of deafening silence:
A trickle or a whisper
Could only collapse the heart.
This eerie comfort
Is mine now
And I have got
Nothing left to lose.

Lalmalsawmi Ralte graduated with English honours under Gauhati University in 2007 and completed her Masters in English from Mizoram University in 2009. She presently teaches at a mission school for tea-tribes at Khelmati, Assam.

Photograph: Zualteii Poonte


  1. Nice, u te nge2....
    When Parseus was offered to be among the gods by Zeus himself... he brood over the vast water and the setting sun and said "I have everything i need here"
    Nice poem u got here!!!

  2. somtei hi chu ooo, she's great, i envy her poetic skills,

    kudos to you, you are awesome, we miss your smiles and your "funny fun"!TC..