Monday, June 7, 2010

Inside A Womb - Bd Chawngthu

Inside a womb darkness is a friend
Of day and night the difference is none
I can barely think but I can hear
Sad grieves in my seven months of stay
I sleep to the tune and live within the tune
Is this what they call a cry!
Mother who bears me sound
I am a part of you, part of your grief
Two months then I shall join your world
And then I’ll see with my senses
If your world is indeed sad.

Inside a womb your grief is a friend
Of day and night the sound is all I hear
Am I your grief? Am I your relief?
A fetus in darkness learns what is hurt
But what lies beyond, is there a counter-hurt?
Inside a womb I can barely foresee
Mother who bears me sound
I am a part of you, part of your hurt
And if your world is all that you have cried
Then why should I plunge to interrupt
And truth be seen which is indeed sad.

Lalbiakdiki Chawngthu lives in Khatla, Aizawl and is presently doing her MA in English at Mizoram University.

Picture: Untitled, oil on canvas by Laltanpuia


  1. Kan nau-i chu avan lo thei leh si ve.
    My sister just gave birth yesterday. Poor boy, he has absolutely no inkling of what lies in store for him in this big bad world :)
    But I have to say, life is always worth living.

  2. cry... eat... shit...sleep..thats wat babies do, and what we keep doing as adults.. everything comes in between these four.

  3. Is BD BZi's elder sister? Anyway, that's a good job well done. The painting scares me a little though.

  4. No, she's not, diary. And yes, it is scary!

  5. I love that it is scary, it suits the fetus's fear to plunge into this world :)

  6. Life truly is worth living, I appreciate every moment of it, it teaches me a lot.