Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Wait - Dawngi Chawngthu

I wait
Wait for what
I dont exactly know

Wait for
Maybe the world to change
I really dont know

But I do know
That I wait

Wait for
Maybe a miracle.

Picture: Waiting


  1. short,,yet sweet. Check out if you are interested in publishing your articles.

  2. Hi J, I noticed you don't go by the name "storyteller" anymore on this blog. How do I post link to your latest posts from misual? As storyteller or "Mizo writing in English" or Zualteii Poonte?

  3. Pretty obvious, I'd have thought, Ruatkim. By my real name obviously. I've noticed a few people ever so casually taking liberties with my blog presumably because I was using a pseudonym so I decided to come out with my real name and identity.

    Mexpress, thank you. But no, thanks.

  4. Both the pic and the text are so expressive.

  5. Pic is great ..... the poem leans towards absurd genre !!!

  6. Henry, sounds like you're getting a heavy Existential and/or Nihilistic reading out of this poem! Or are you just making a connection between the waiting theme here and Beckett's seminal play Waiting for Godot?