Saturday, December 22, 2007

Remembrances of Dad - M. Vanlalhumi

It is said that when you die
You go up in the sky
To become a star
If that be so
You must be the one I saw
That outshone the rest.

I thought you were winning
I thought you were going to get well again
Your weakness, I thought
Was because of your medication
I thought you were going to smile again
I thought you were going to talk again
I kept thinking that you would be
Stronger and better the next day
And I even slept quite well that night.
How wrong I was. I just didn't understand
I could never be more wrong
Cause the next day when I woke up
You were gone.
Never to smile again
Never to speak to me again
Never to advise or steer me
When I go wrong again.
You were gone
We didn't even say goodbye.
Gone, just gone -
Gone for ever.

M. Vanlalhumi is a high school teacher who writes poetry both in English and Mizo. Her poems are mostly expressions of highly emotional moments in her life; the two posted here being written for her father who passed away on Christmas day two years ago.

Picture: Sarah in her father's hand


  1. I absolutely love this piece!
    She really brings it home. No high flown language, very simple yet powerful. It's so refreshing to read so original a piece without any attempt to copy other people's work. This is something to be proud of:)Cheers to Ms Mahumi
    If at all you remember Neuhof days..

  2. Reminds me of Shelly's lines - 'Our sweetest songs are those that tell of saddest thoughts'.

  3. Nice read.Glad I hit this space. Will be bk for sure to see if you have updated. Keep writing..God bless..

  4. Pachuau, if by any chance you get to this space again, I'd love to get in touch with you

  5. @mam
    oh well i am back @ last :)
    yes pls do write to me @

  6. va touching vee Mam..sur tir zung2 mai lom le.