Monday, December 17, 2007

Poems by Malsawmi Jacob

Power of Words

I’ll go for words,

Words are my forte.

Words stab and jab,

Heal, hurt,

Mask, unmask,

Paint pictures.






Undefined, inexpressible longings,

Fill you full of


Wishes, wishes

Want a fairy’s wand.


Holding Hands

When he was little

I used to hold

His small chubby hand in mine

To steady him

Now he won’t let me.

He’s a big boy

And walks tall

Without his mother’s help.

Some day, when he becomes a man,

And I grow old and feeble,


He’ll hold my hands to steady me.

May be then

We’ll walk hand in hand again.


Malsawmi Jacob writes poems both in English and Mizo. These are some of my personal favourites from Tinkim Dawn, a collection of Mizo and English Poems, published in 2003.

Picture: Abstract in oil and acrylic by Tanpuia, who owns an art gallery and also gives art classes at Canteen Kual, Aizawl. I thank him very much for freely allowing me to photograph his works.