Tuesday, June 19, 2018

It - Tommy Chhangte

Like a swarm of locusts, it comes, consuming all in its path that's green and full of life, leaving everything to dust and condemned to nothingness. It leaves you displaced, like sands swept from the yellow shores by the cold river that brings them down to the ocean floor. It cuts your veins and steals your colours, like a rose plucked from its pedestal of thorns, only waiting to wither. 

It comes at dawn and takes away the unborn baby from the mother's womb. It comes at noon and envies the heart of the young boy, full of love and passion, and snatches the beloved away in a flash of a lightning, letting darkness creep slowly into his soul. It comes in the late afternoon, but no one hears its footsteps; and all who dare to listen are silenced by its malice. It comes in the dark of night and steals her past, and all the love she ever knew. It comes in silence, and comes only to take. It takes all it wants, and takes even more. And leaves in its place, promises in the dark.

But as you journey through life, something and someone makes you realize.... It came to you one Spring morning and shared a smile, a laugh, a drink. It came one scorching Summer day and carried you to a distant shade. It came one gloomy afternoon in Autumn, and gave a kiss you never will forget. It came to you in the coldest Winter evening and offered a blanket of warm skin. It comes to you when least expected, when least hopeful. It comes in silence, but comes to give. It comes to bring to you a light - to guide you through the night.

It gives and takes, and takes and gives. It takes too much and gives too many. It takes some more and takes too plenty, but gives you some then gives a bounty. It takes your joy and brings you sorrow, and takes your pain and brings you comfort. It is the giver, it is the taker and all it takes and all it gives, it does it so, just for you.

Tommy Remchhunga Chhangte recently graduated from Govt. Aizawl College and plans to continue his studies in English literature. We wish him every success and hope he continues to write.

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