Sunday, November 29, 2015

A Little Love Poem in the Form of Economics Literature - Lalrinkima Ralte

An Investment

So this is how it starts -
life is a market,
an exchange of goods and services,
for me on my part,
my money is love,
and when I first saw you,
I realized that
you were a social overhead capital,
an indispensable source,
an injection into my life,
a stock upon my heart,
a demand for my soul.

A perfect competition,
yet imperfect market,
for I have to compete with other firms
and then supply to you
the best final product.
When others spread moral hazards,
let us apply our market signaling,
asymmetric information,
is all that others will receive,
for you have already monopolized
my market,
my firm.

Together let us try
to internalize our externalities,
so that the spill-over effect will be positive,
and such free riders will gain from ours,
that there are no trade-offs in love,
that in fact a multiplier effect takes place
like a fixed-deposit getting higher and higher
in value each day,
your love, my love,
will climb higher and higher,
even in recession,
and in depression also.

While I have the absolute advantage,
and our love in equilibrium,
in the ideal state of Pareto optimality,
I want you to know
you are an asset,
while I,
a mere liability.

Lalrinkima Ralte, as may be quickly deduced, is an Economics University student with a passion for literature. He lives in Aizawl Venglai and enjoys writing in English though he's the first to admit his grammar needs brushing up. His religious views are that of a "free seeker," while his politics are "left wing, revolutionary."


  1. Thank u! U Zualte. For posting my lame works. Really appreciate it.

  2. You're welcome, Rinkim, and thank you!