Sunday, March 15, 2015

Poems - Somte Ralte

A Cole Park Afternoon 

Remember how the golden rays seeped through the leaves
To touch our young skins with soft radiance
As we sat side by side on the grassy carpet
The gentle breeze tenderly brushing our faces

It was perfect, just you and i
With  no care in the world
There was that look in your eyes
That  something only i could see

And as we watched the old couple
Walking down the marbled pavement
You told me that would be us
Someday in the distant future.

Perhaps that perfect afternoon
Could not hold two hearts together
Since all that we have now
Is just the memory of a Cole Park afternoon.

The Crossing

Moses only had to raise his staff
For  the word  of  the Lord was upon the waters
And the sea parted for the chosen to cross.

When our land was in turmoil
Father crossed the mountains to join village grouping
Who knew settling there he would meet Mother?

Tonight I am crossing the spiritual Jordan
Those that do not,  will not understand
For who knows what awaits once we have crossed?

Somte (Lalmalsawmi) Ralte is presently pursuing her Ph.D in English literature at Mizoram University.  I see a definite growth and maturity in her poetry since the last couple of poems that she sent me in 2010.  Good going, Somte, keep it up!

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