Friday, January 6, 2012

Winter Fragment - Zualteii Poonte

A light winter rain.
I can't remember the last time it rained.
October, or was it November..
hard to recall in the aftermath of Christmas.

Today I walked past your hospital
and looked up at the room
you were in this time last January.
It didn't seem to remember you.

Later the soup chow in the little eating place
up the corner steamed so long,
in a burst of idle impatient hunger
I splashed in a splotch of chilli sauce.
It only burned my mouth twice as badly.

I don't think I will eat the broth there again.
Most certainly not in steaming hot mid-April
when this gray sunless day will have ebbed out with the cold.

Picture: James Lalsiamliana


  1. lovely. and you say you are not a poet. you definitely should write more poetry, J.

  2. I can literally feel the chill of winter as I read the poem. Very apt picture too. This one evokes that cold yet romantic winter bites along with a tinge of sadness over a loss.

  3. Many thanks for the feedback - and very kind ones, at that. Appreciate the encouragement!

  4. Such profound emotion perfected into words :)