Saturday, November 22, 2008

Locked Doors - Dawngi Chawngthu

The indignity
of being stranded
outside a locked door
locked from inside
is something one could miss

when the door
that locks you out
is the door
that belongs to you

it leaves you helpless
slightly clueless
and angry
wondering what
you should do next

knock on it?
no way,
one shouldn't have to knock
on one's own door
locked from the inside.

then what?
kick on it?
bring it down?
ring the bell?
oh, why bother.

locked doors
are maddening
slightly insulting

but hey
it's a different
when you're on the inside
safe and sound

for snuggles and cuddles
and whispered sweet nothings.
locked doors feel so cozy
on the inside.

Picture credit: Jackie Weisburg on