Saturday, September 27, 2008

Windows - Andrew Ruolngul


Open the windows
And let me see,
What the world wishes
For me to see.

Smiles, yes, smiles.
I see children
Coming back from school
Swinging their bags
Back and forth,
And also on the swings
Their faces alit with glee.

I see two lovers
Sitting next to each other
With that look
Of utter solace and
Not a care in the world

So now close the windows,
For I have seen enough


Open the windows
And let me see,
What the world wishes
For me to see.

Clouds, a dark haze
That blind my eyes.
I see a black raven
Perch itself on the sill.
It stares at me
As if trying to read me,
Like I would a book.
It stood motionless.
As if struck by fear.

I see a man.
Sulking in his solitude.
Embracing a single black rose.
An emotionless face.
A tear rolls down his cheek.
I sit still
As the dark figure passes.
And disappears into the mist

For maybe I have seen too much
I must now rest my eyes
But keep the windows open
For the day has not ended…

Andrew Ruolngul
is 18 years old and lives with his family in Tokyo, Japan. This poem was published in his school's literary magazine. Keep it up, Andrew!


  1. Cute, interesting poem. Andrew does have the stuff in him, though he needs polishing.

  2. I couldn't agree more. He has a definitive gift for poetry and I'm positive he'll get better with age and experience.

  3. lovelyyy poem....u r great poet...keep it up...rise life just like ur thoughts... :)