Thursday, August 14, 2008

Poems - Lalbiakdiki Pachuau

Kernel of Truth

Bits of spark start the fire
We both add fuel to the flame
But both love quenching one’s desire
Nobody can tell who is to blame.

It is awful to be unlawful
Terrible deed leads to an ineluctable,
It was very harmful; but beautiful
An affair sensible; but not reliable.

You give words which write in three
I give love and set you free,
You want freedom which I agree
Mesmerize new waves; enjoy the spree.

Besotted with Love

Like a bird without its chant
Like a flower without its scent,
Oh, where thou art my strength is!
Like a feather floating in the air
My aimless heart follows you everywhere.

Call me fanciful
Call me flimsy
Call me a flirt,
They all suit me fine.

This sweet terrifying flavour
This fearful fun verve
This living death life
Is the Niche I dwell,
But somehow I like it.

Picture: Acrylic on canvas by Tlangrokhuma

1 comment:

  1. What talent!! she sure brings out what is in her heart beautifully. Keep it up Ms L. Pachuau.