Friday, July 11, 2008

Poems - Dawngi Chawngthu

The Mask

Your voice
Coming over the telephone
Across measureless miles
Still remains a mystery
As always

I am
Once more at a loss
Searching for, maybe, a hint of tenderness
Into polite enquiries
Of how things are with me

I try
To decipher
Hidden meanings
Into words you speak
So effortlessly - hats off to you

I fail
None the wiser
As to how things are
With you and me


Each morning
I awake to a day
That promises nothing new
Just a vague question of
What for breakfast...
The day then drags on
To a finale of
What for dinner...
But sometimes
On luckier mornings
I awake
To a faraway voice in my head
That says
I care...

Photograph: Zualteii Poonte


  1. Wow. I am not a poetry man, but these are damn good - simple, but effectively expressing the writer's thoughts/emotions. Thanks.

  2. catches that all-too-familiar mood very well! i like the way this poem says what it has to say, and having spoken, shuts up and sits down. very nice!

  3. The poems have very charmingly and simply expressed those feelings and certainly finds an echo in most of us.

  4. I like these poems too - the easy, effortless, unforced flow and the fact that they deal with intensely personal yet very universal feelings that we can all relate to.