Friday, February 8, 2008

Poem - Lalnunsanga

Are you well?
I am well.
Are you not well?
I am not well.
Do you breathe?
Yes, I breathe.
Do you not breathe?
I do not breathe.
Do you love?
Yes, I love.
Do you not love?
I still love.

Lalnunsanga teaches English lit at the Christian Academy in Shillong. We hope to see more of his promising writings very soon.



  1. Love is eternal...
    Hmangaihna hi engtikah mah a reh lo vang.
    -I Kor. 13:8

  2. it's so good.keep up the good work. u r the glorifier of mizo literature on the internet... so much opportunities are coming up on the internet n u r the daybreaker!!

  3. I know Nunsanga would be happy to see the feedback here but since he tells me he's something of a technophobe I'd like to thank you all on his behalf.

    Most people who aren't very knowledgeable about poetry, especially contemporary poetry, often don't understand the craftsmanship behind such seemingly simplistic lines. The question and answer format and the answers apparently so listless and apathetic they echo whatever the questioner puts forward. And then in the last line, the unexpectedly spirited reassertion of self. You then realise that this man has probably suffered a heartbreak recently and is too numb to feel anything else apart from the fact that he still loves his heartbreaker. Just beautiful.

  4. beautiful work....would luv to see more of your writing!!!

  5. so simple...such fine lines that it robbed my fragile heart.